College Bound - Q & A Page

Frequently Asked Questions regarding transcripts and the college application process:

Updated 11/14/2023

Q. I'm just getting started, where do I start?

A. That is a great question, it's never too early to start planning for college. SHS's Counseling department is here to help you.

If your last name begins with A-G, make an appointment to speak with Mrs. Brady

If your last name begins with H-M, make an appointment to speak with Ms. Shields

If your last name begins with N-Z, make an appointment to speak with Mr. Hollingsworth

To meet with the Career Coach, make an appointment with Mrs. Garber

Q. What is a transcript?

A. A transcript is a student’s academic record.  It includes the student name, address, date of birth, grade, gender, parent name(s), school name, address, phone and fax numbers, diploma type, graduation or leave date, all final grades for high school credits earned and/or attempted, class rank and grade point average (GPA).

Q. How do I request my transcript?

A. If you are a senior requesting that your official transcript be sent to the college(s) where you are applying, you will make the request through MajorClarity.  Please see your Counselor or Career Coach if you need assistance with this process.  Unofficial copies of your transcript can be printed for you in the Counseling Office.

If you are applying to a college through the Common App, your transcript will automatically be sent through MajorClarity, you do not need to make a request.  If you are applying to a college and not using the Common App, please click here for instructions on requesting your transcript. 

Instructional video

Q. Is there a fee for transcripts?

A. There is no fee for transcripts. 

Q. Is other information sent to colleges with my transcript?

A. Additional items that may be sent with your transcript include a copy of the school profile, counselor evaluations, requested letters of recommendation, and other information upon request. 

Q. Do you send test scores to colleges?

A.  We cannot send a copy of your SAT or ACT scores to colleges.  You must request these scores be sent directly from the testing companies (SAT -, ACT -

Q. What are the Counselor Forms or Secondary School Report Forms that some colleges require?

A. Some colleges do require these forms which are a counselor’s recommendation and/or evaluation to be included with the transcript. All forms are now sent electronically through MajorClarity. 

Q. Are my current grades from senior year included in the transcripts that are sent to the colleges where I am applying?

A. Some colleges request that current grades or grades from the most recent grading period be sent.  However, most colleges only ask for the student’s current transcript which includes final grades through the end of your junior year and a list of courses you are currently enrolled in for senior year.  Grades for senior year do not appear on your transcript until the end of the first semester (end of second 9 weeks).  The grade that shows is the semester grade, not grades for Term 1 and Term 2.

Q. Is my GPA re-calculated to include senior grades?

A. The GPA is re-calculated at the end of the first semester and again after final grades at the end of the year.

Q. I am worried that my transcript will not get there in time.

A. Your Counselor will send your transcript to the colleges where you are applying in time.  However, due to a very high volume of transcript requests, we do ask that you enter your requests in MajorClarity two to three weeks before your college deadlines.

Q. I have checked my application status online and the college says that they have not received my transcript.

A. Try not to panic! Check in MajorClarity to confirm that your transcript has been sent. If we have recorded that your transcript was sent, you should allow 2-3 weeks for the transcript to be processed by the college’s admissions office. Colleges receive thousands of applications and it’s highly unlikely that the transcript will be received and processed in their database on the same day. 

Q. I submitted a transcript request the same day as my friend. Her transcript was sent a week ago and mine wasn’t. What’s up with that?

A. Your friend most probably had an earlier deadline. Although we do try to process requests on a first-come, first-served basis, our priority is to meet deadlines. That may mean that your request is “bumped” or pushed ahead, depending on your deadline.

Q. SHS says they have sent the transcript, but I’m still concerned. The college says they still have not received it.

A. Don’t hesitate to call the college admissions office with any questions you have. If you feel that you’re not getting a satisfactory answer, come to the Counseling Office and we will attempt to contact the admissions office by phone. Again, try not to panic! If your transcript was sent from our office by the deadline, but the college does not receive it, they will contact you or SHS and we will be allowed to send another.

Q. I have notified my counselor that I am applying to colleges and have requested my transcripts in MajorClarity before the college application deadline. The college will understand if I have been too busy to complete my application, right?

A.  No!  It is your responsibility to have your application submitted by the deadline. The college will not look at the transcript or anything other material until your application is on file and complete.  Do not wait until your Counselor sends your transcript or any other information to submit your application.  It’s very important to meet your deadlines.

Q. What about mid-year reports?

A. Mid-year reports including 1st semester grades are automatically sent to the colleges where you have applied.  If you would like a printed copy, please see your Counselor.  Mid-year reports are sometimes not completed until early February.  Thank you for your patience.

Q. How do I request that a final transcript be sent to my college choice?
A. At the end of the school year, you will be asked to complete a Senior Survey where you will indicate the college you will be attending. Your final transcript will only be sent to this college.  Final transcripts are usually sent by July 10th. 

Q. How do I create a FAFSA ID?

A. Please see this document to answer FAFSA ID questions.

Q. I want to go to college, but I don't know how to pay for it, who can I talk to?

A. Meredith Garber, Career Coach located in the SHS Counseling Office. Click here to schedule and appointment.

A. Go here for scholarship information

Q.  What is the process for requesting a letter of recommendation from a Counselor or Teacher?

Once you have decided who you would like to ask for a letter of recommendation, ask that person if they are willing to write a letter for you.  It is important for you to provide your Counselor and Teachers with as much time as possible to write a letter.  Writing a good letter takes time.  We encourage you to speak with the recommender two to three weeks before the letter is due.  

If the person agrees to write the letter, you will need to add that recommendation to MajorClarity.  Please note there are different processes for requesting letters of recommendation in MajorClarity:

Letter of Recommendation Request for Common App Applications (SHS Faculty/Staff)

Letter of Recommendation Request for Common App Applications (Non-SHS Faculty/Staff)

Letter of Recommendation Request for Non-Common App Applications

It is very important that you follow these instructions!

We also recommend that you provide the recommender with a list of activities you have taken part in, honors or awards you have received, and your work and volunteer experience to assist them in writing the best letter of recommendation possible.